Job Skills You Never See on a Resume

I have mad skills.

My skills have been developed to precision over four and a half years of intense, focused, hands-on training.

And yet, my skills will never be listed on any resume.

I have learned to do almost anything with one hand, while the other is carrying roughly 20+ pounds of weight. Physical prowess.

I can pack a diaper bag, get myself and two children fed, dressed and out of the house in under an hour. By myself. Self-motivated and diligent at tasks at hand.

I am a secret night-time work ninja. I have managed to reduce the amount of sleep I require so I can work nightly after the kids go to bed. Effective time management skills.

I am fluent in toddler-babble and baby-cry. I can translate for any adult who does not speak these. Multilingual.

I can watch Frozen every day of the week, and I have developed the ability to just tune it out. Eliminating distractions to stay focused.

I have learned to stay calm in the face of a storm. The storm of two toddlers destroying the house on a regular basis. What used to throw me into stressed anxiety (I have GOT to get this place picked up!) now elicits a calm response (The mess will still be there later. And again tomorrow.). Iron-willed self control.

And I can change a diaper blowout in under 5 minutes, complete with minimal collateral damage, outfit change for baby and myself, and hand wash. Professional attitude in unpleasant situations.

Alas, my abilities are so specialized that you might not even realize that these are necessary skills. How valuable it could be to know a few of these things, or know someone who does. Just in case. . .


I have a second, highly-specialized skill set that you’ve probably never heard of, and definitely may not know you need. I am a Disney expert.

I know Walt Disney World so well, I can tell you the location of almost anything without looking at a map.

I can close my eyes, and see the Magic Kingdom, as clear as if I was there. Why, yes, that IS a popcorn cart at the hub in front of Cinderella Castle. I can smell it now.

I can tell you which rides have wait times that I deem short enough to use the stand by line, and which rides you’d be crazy to not get a FastPass for.

I know the dining reservation system, the FastPass+ system, the My Disney Experience website and app, and Disney’s website inside and out. I can book a dining reservation or a FastPass in record time.

I know what is the best time you are more likely to get the most popular restaurant reservations.

I can tell you the location of every baby care center in all 4 theme parks. (6 if you count Disneyland.)

I know where to find the Nutella waffle.

The list goes on.


Why is this a “skill set”? Because this kind of knowledge can only be gained through years of research and training, hands-on learning with firsthand experience, honed over 50+ visits to both Walt Disney World and Disneyland (I lost count after 30 or 40). I went in first, and made the mistakes, and earned the knowledge the hard way. I have stood in line at Peter Pan’s Flight and wondered why it was taking so long. I have tried to book FastPasses on opposite ends of the park, and had to run to get to them. I have gone to the parks without dining reservations, and wasn’t able to get in at the restaurants I had been hoping to try.

What, that doesn’t sound like a skill set to you? Have you ever tried planning a Walt Disney World vacation yourself? In the last few years, there have been a lot of changes. There is a lot to know and do, even before you arrive on property. And once you are there, you will find so many options, that you might miss something you really wanted to experience. It has the potential to be overwhelming, exhausting, confusing and frustrating. You could really use a little help and guidance.


And then. . . what if my two skill sets combined. . .into expertise in taking young children to Disney parks? Oh, yes. I have been there, done that with BOTH my babies under the age of 3. I can tell you the best schedule to keep, what hotels are better choices, and all the tips for minimizing meltdowns. Going on vacation with little ones is much different than going with adults. Luckily, I can help you either way.

And although this is not an official resume, I am offering my highly-specialized skill set to you. I can help you have a better Disney vacation. I can help you make the right travel plans for your family or group of friends, or your couple’s getaway.

The choice is yours: make the mistakes yourself, or plan with me and avoid the common pitfalls. And then have the best Disney vacation ever.


I’m also available for lessons on that diaper-blowout thing. In case you ever need to know.


Contact me for vacation planning help, or schedule a Personal Vacation Profile Session at your convenience. Why go it alone if you don’t have to? Let a Disney expert help you find the perfect Disney vacation for you.

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