Watch One Deserving Mom Win a Weekend at Walt Disney World!

Today, I had the privilege of surprising a deserving mom with the ultimate girls’ weekend at Walt Disney World!

At the beginning of December, Middle of the Magic Travel put out a search for a deserving mom to win a hotel room and theme park tickets for Mom’s Day in the Parks 2020. We got dozens of nominations, but one story stood out more than the others. Ashley had started her own moms group on Facebook, with the goal of being a safe and non-judgmental place that moms could come for support. She also goes the extra mile for any mom who needs it, whether it’s a message, a phone call or a visit- Ashley will drop everything to lend an ear or a hand.

We were so inspired by Ashley’s support of other moms, and we felt that it is in sync with what Mom’s Day in the Parks is all about- supporting moms on this challenging journey of motherhood.

So, I got to surprise Ashley with the news that she is going to Disney World! Here’s how it went:


I can’t wait to spend some time with Ashley at Walt Disney World in October!

Want to join us, and other ladies, for the ultimate girls’ weekend at Walt Disney World? Click here to get the event details!

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