Moms: Need More Than a 20 Minute Break?

This post stopped me dead in my scroll.

Do you feel this deeply, too? Are you in charge of All The Things? Is busy an understatement for you?

Can you believe we’re coming up on a year of living with this pandemic, and all the changes it dumped on us without warning?

Are you in need of a break? A real, actual break?

I’m in the thick of it, too. I am currently solo parenting, for the second of two, 2-week stretches of my husband working in another state. I am juggling caring for (and chauffeuring) our two daughters, while also running my small business, cooking, cleaning, shopping, trying to remember to hydrate, and when was the last time I took a walk? Oh, and attempting to get a decent amount of sleep- which means foregoing “me” time in front of the tv at the end of the night, and fighting off the anxious thoughts that plague me once I get in bed.

Yeah, I get it. I’m there, too.

But there is a light at the end of my tunnel- this long stretch that runs from the holidays to spring break. It’s a castle. A shining, shimmering castle. That gleams in the Florida sunlight, and waits in a magical land. And when I get there, no one will be asking me for anything.

I won’t have to cook dinner for anyone. Someone will prepare meals for me, and clean up after they’re done. And I can order whatever I want. And enjoy eating it while it’s still hot. I’ll get to drink my coffee while it’s still hot, too! No reheating in the microwave- not even once!

I won’t have to drive anyone to any place. In fact, someone will drive me- to fun kingdoms.

I won’t have to pick up or do laundry.

I won’t have to remember the only one type of snack they they will eat, or nap time, or try to end my evening before they get too tired and turn into pumpkins. I won’t have to give baths or broker fights over toys or books or who’s sitting too close to whom.

I will get to just focus on myself, and the only decision I will have to make is: what do I want to see, ride, eat or drink next?

Because I’m going to Walt Disney World without my family.

Yup, just me.

And I can’t wait.

Sound like the getaway you need? Are you ready to take a deep breath, relax, and remember what fun feels like? Forget about the real world for a little bit, and scream on roller coasters, drink and shop your way around the world, practice your princess wave, savor unique eats and treats, and just focus on what YOU like?

Know any fellow ladies who need the same?

It’s time to plan a girls’ trip to Disney. Time to go have some fun, and get a REAL break.

Not sure where to start? Click here to get my guide to planning the ultimate girls weekend at Disney. Booking is now open into July 2022.

Don’t have time to research and plan it all yourself? I’ve got your back. I’ve planned hundred of trips, and I know all the best ways for adults to enjoy a Disney vacation when they’re not focused on the kids! I can prepare your magical escape, customized just for you. So all you’ll have to do is pack, kiss everyone good-bye, and enjoy truly getting away from it all for a couple of days. Click here to schedule your complimentary vacation planning session, at a time that’s convenient for you. Or, simply use the contact form below, and I will be in touch shortly.

Your castle is waiting, ladies. Get your ears ready!

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