Traveling in 2021? Top Tips to Avoid Common Hassles

So, you just can’t wait to finally take a vacation? Join the club! The travel industry is experiencing a serious boom, as people everywhere can’t wait to go somewhere- anywhere! And with more people traveling and many companies experiencing shortages of workers, traveling in 2021 can be more stressful than in previous years. If you haven’t traveled recently, here are a few tips to avoid potential headaches during your trip:

*Build in extra time. When you’re looking at your travel dates, plan to arrive back home a day or two before you have to resume work, school or other responsibilities. Travel delays are more common than ever, with flights being delayed and cancelled more frequently. Allow yourself extra time to get home, if needed.

*Read the fine print. Check all change and cancellation policies. Whatever you’re looking to book- accommodations, airfare, car rental, tickets- be sure to read all change and cancellation policies. Resist the urge to say, “I’m going, no matter what” out loud. Choose options that allow you the flexibility to change or cancel with minimal or no fees.

*Cover your. . .bags. Consider travel insurance. Many destinations, including Disney, offer travel protection that you can include with the cost of your vacation package. Or, consider coverage through an independent insurance vendor. Some credit cards also offer travel coverage. If you must choose non-refundable travel or accommodations, consider adding travel insurance, because you just never know what the future holds.

*Check yourself. Airline travel is precarious these days. Many airlines are regularly changing flights, flight numbers or times, or cancelling them all together. Do not rely on the airlines to reach out to you- confirm your flights are still the same the week before, the day before, and the morning of your flights.

*Don’t spend it all in one place. Don’t max out your card or drain your bank account to have your dream vacation. You may unexpectedly need to get a hotel room for an extra night due to flight changes, or take a rideshare somewhere. Have some money on reserve in case of, well, who knows?

*Don’t leave home empty handed. Pack a snack, a bottle of water and a portable cell phone charger. There’s nothing worse than being stuck and hangry, or unable to make calls because your phone is dead, and everyone is already huddled around the one available wall outlet, charging their stuff.

*Pack. Your. Patience. Everything has the potential to take a while. Be prepared to wait- in line, on hold, for a ride. Go out the door expecting things to take a little longer, and you may be pleasantly surprised when you get to your destination, or home, quicker than you think.

*Don’t go it alone. Having a professional travel planner in your corner can make all the difference. I can help you choose the best options for your vacation, and it costs you the same as booking it all yourself, because I charge no fees. And if changes to your travel plans DO come up, I’m the one that will sit on hold to update your plans, so you can get on with your day.

If the last 18 months have taught us anything, it’s that things can change quickly- especially when it comes to travel! But keep these things in mind when planning, and you’ll be better prepared to enjoy that long-awaited vacation.

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