What is Mom’s Day In The Parks?

Have you ever visited a Disney theme park. . .without your children?

It might sound odd, but. . .it’s actually really fun.

You get to go on any rides you want. Eat what you want. Stay as late as you like.

And notice magical details that you never had the time to appreciate before.

And that’s what this event is all about!

Mom’s Day In The Parks is a long weekend at Walt Disney World. This event will take place from Thursday, February 28th through Sunday, March 3rd, 2019.

Mom’s Day In The Parks is all about leaving your kids at home so your inner child can come out and play. Moms are the most over-worked individuals I know, constantly putting the needs of their children, their loved ones, and their careers ahead of their own.

So join me and Middle of the Magic Travel for a long weekend of fun, adventure and relaxation. You’ve earned it!

Please note that booking for Mom’s Day in the Parks 2019 is now closed. If you would like to join us in 2020, click here to sign up for email updates as we begin to plan our next fun get together!


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