My Planning Services

Why do you need a vacation fairy?If you’re going on a Disney vacation, you have most likely taken time off of work. Your kids may be taking time off of school. You might have arranged a pet sitter, or a house sitter. You’ve booked flights, or filled up the tank. And yes, you’ve paid for your hotel, tickets and other pieces of your vacation. So why would you go through all that, just to get there and have a so-so time?When you book your Disney vacation with me, I will help you have a BETTER vacation. I will help you choose the perfect hotel, figure out when the best time to visit will be, and help you plan out your days, so you’re not wasting precious vacation time on things you might not even like. I will assist you with getting the most coveted advanced dining reservations, show you how to skip the lines, and give you lots of personalized tips, that I’ve curated from my more than 75 visits to the theme parks. You will have my direct cell phone number and email address, and I am available to answer any questions you have, and help with any issues that may come up. And yes, I will even watch for discounts and promotions that will save you money!So, what does it cost to have a BETTER Disney vacation?Nothing. My services are all included, when you book your vacation with me. ✨So don’t go to Disney for a just-okay vacation. Have an amazing, unforgettable time. See more ways I can make your next Disney vacation more magical, effortlessly.

Choose any or all of these services- for no fee- when you book with me! All of the magic- none of the hassle!

Hotel Selection

Choice of hotel matters. I can help you choose based on your tastes. View? Location? King bed? Kitchenette? . . .Just not sure? That’s ok, I know the right questions to ask you to help you narrow it down. Whether you’re looking for a romantic couple’s getaway cottage, or need lodging for all 12 of … Continue reading Hotel Selection

Dining Reservations

Each Disney destination has different booking windows for its dining reservations. And I know them all. In fact, I book my clients’ dining reservations at the earliest possible moment for them, to have the greatest chance of getting their top requests- even those hard-to-get reservations! So, if you don’t want to wake up at the … Continue reading Dining Reservations

Transportation Options

Bus, boat, Monorail or Skyliner? Which one do you take where? What’s the fastest way to get from here to there? What if you’re not sure where you’re going? I’ve got it covered for you. From the time you arrive at your port, airport or on Disney property, I will take care of all of … Continue reading Transportation Options

Personalized Itineraries

So, you’ve arrived at the Disney Parks. Now what? When you book with me, you won’t be asking that question. You will enjoy a customized itinerary, based entirely on your preferences, and planned by someone with first-hand experience. I will take into consideration your arrival and departure times, any reservations you have, the times of … Continue reading Personalized Itineraries

Discount Watch

One of the many services I offer is a discount watch. No matter when you book your vacation with me, if a discount or promotion is released for your travel dates that you qualify for, I will auto-“magically” apply it for you, and notify you of the change in price. No need for you to … Continue reading Discount Watch

No Fees

When you book your Disney vacation with me, all of my planning services are included. And I do not charge any fees. That’s right. It costs you the same price, whether you book on your own, or you book with me. So, for no additional cost to you, you can have the added value of … Continue reading No Fees

My Exclusive Facebook Group

“Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” -Lilo and Stitch With so many things changing across Disney destinations, I don’t want YOU to be left behind! So I’ve created an exclusive Facebook group for my previous and present clients, so I can quickly and easily update you on the latest information for your … Continue reading My Exclusive Facebook Group

Help with Genie+

In case you haven’t heard, Disney has replaced its previous FastPass system with the new Genie+ system- and it can be quite confusing! Don’t be intimidated by the Genie- just get a vacation fairy to help you! I will assist you every step of the way, from learning to use the Genie service, to providing … Continue reading Help with Genie+