So, it’s holiday shopping time again. . .and maybe you’re stumped. Or maybe your gift last year fell a little flat. Maybe you’re looking for a little WOW factor. Maybe you want to give the gift that she’ll brag about to all her friends. (Really, though, who DOESN’T like giving the best gift?)

Maybe you know a mom. Maybe you have one, maybe you’re married to one, or maybe you’re related to one. Maybe you ARE one, and it’s time to start dropping hints. Well, have no fear, because being a mom myself, I have an insight into what moms really want- what they really, really want- into one handy list for you. Without further ado. . .

Best Gifts for Mom in 2018

Time off. A break. Trust me, even if she says she’s fine, she is truly exhausted. She does more and remembers more and keeps track of more than you realize. She really needs a couple of days to not have to worry about school lunches or carpools or homework or housework. She needs it, mentally, emotionally and physically. How about sleeping in with no alarm clocks? Or a nap in the afternoon, should she see fit? Maybe relaxing by the pool?

Girl time. Tons of studies have shown that camaraderie with other women is very important for a woman’s emotional wellbeing- especially if that woman is in charge or caring for tiny humans! Time spent with gal pals is recharging, and heals in a way that nothing else does. Plus, there’s all the giggling and catching up.

Comfy pants. Whether they’re yoga pants, sweat pants, or leggings, moms love the chance to be comfortable. This gift will be especially appreciated if the mom in your life has to dress professionally or in a uniform for her work.

Ice cream. Which tastes even better when it’s scooped into a boozy float. And that brings me to my next gift. . .

Drinks. Cocktails and mocktails to spoil mom with fruity, frilly deliciousness.

Cute new accessories. Now, every mom has her own taste, but almost every mom I know loves a cute pair of mouse ears. Other good options: princess tiaras, bling-bling sunglasses, Disney shirts. . .

A vacation. Actually leaving the house, and leaving town, does a mom good. Having a little something special, just for herself, to look forward to will lift her spirits and make her feel rejuvenated. When she returns, you will see a happier, more relaxed mom.

Some excitement in her life. Like roller coasters. Fireworks. Or pure childhood nostalgia of her favorites, like “it’s a small world.”

And, lucky for you, I have combined all of these into one awesome, perfect gift for Mom: Mom’s Day in the Parks 2019! It’s a long girls’ weekend at Walt Disney World, and includes ALL of the gift ideas above, for one package price!

There are discounted hotel rooms and theme park tickets, a pajama party ice cream social, themed cocktail parties, scavenger hunts in the parks, custom mouse ears designed exclusively for our event, and tons of fun goodies and surprises. Trust me, this is one gift she won’t want to return!

Please note that booking for Mom’s Day in the Parks 2019 is now closed. If you’d like to join us in 2020, please click here to receive email updates as we begin planning our next get together!

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